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We have too many good feedbacks from customers who had installed this product. Comment on this product if you have had one installed onto your car. Let us know how it actually had made differences!

The Twin Power ignition amplifier integrates Capacity Discharge Ignition (CDI) and transistor ignition technology to offer improved throttle response and smoother engine performance by providing optimal spark duration and maximum voltage output. The CDI technology provides maximum voltage by transferring all stored energy in the capacitor to the ignition coil so the ignition current can build quickly, making the Twin Power very effective at higher revs where a normal spark would diminish.
The strong, rapid spark prevents high rpm ignition miss that reduces peak power. The transistorized method generates high voltage by using transistors to cut off current to the coil, allowing a long energy discharge. This longer spark duration allows the Twin Power to improve lower RPM throttle response and torque. The Twin Power produces a spark output that is typically 1.5-2.5 stronger than a stock ignition system and consumes about 35% less power than other ignition amplifiers. Twin Power DLI, Distributor and Rotary types are CARB exempt (E.O. #D-186-22). The Twin Power DLI II is pending CARB exemption.

DLI - Direct Ignition Engines-Each DLI Type unit controls up to 6 individual coils.

DLI II - Direct Ignition Engines with Internal Igniters-DLI II's are vehicle application specific for engines with integrated igniters and coils.

Distributor - Distributor Engines-Each Distributor unit can be used on most single coil-distributor equipped engines.

Type Rotary - Rotary Engine-Designed for the 2-rotor engines.

The compact and attractive Twin power unit is constructed of durable anodized aluminum and sealed to prevent moisture corrosion. Universal wiring harnesses are included to aid in installation and mounting. Vehicle Specific wiring harnesses are also available for certain models for easier installation and to support installations that require complex integration.
Dimensions - All Twin Power Units, (except for DLI II), are 91mm (L) x 80mm(W) x 34.5mm (H) and weighs approximately 430g (~15.2oz)
Note: HKS Twin Power Units are not compatible with Non-Resistor Spark Plugs

*HKS Twin Power ignition amplifiers have been designed to work with vehicles utilizing the OEM ignition system, fuel management, Engine Control Module (ECM) or Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and with vehicles equipped with the HKS F-Con Engine Management system.

HKS cannot guarantee compatibility with other aftermarket manufacturer's products
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